Black Jaguar

Explore the beauty and power of the black jaguar through captivating photos and interesting facts. Discover the mysteries behind this majestic big cat and get inspired to learn more about wildlife conservation.
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Living in a big city full of running cars, enormously huge buildings, and people that are constantly rushing somewhere, it's quite easy to lose sight of all the miracles our Mother Nature possesses. Luckily, there are some talented folks out there who somehow always find a way to remind us about that. One of these people is an India-based wildlife photographer named Mithun.

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Ek Balam, a Mayan god represented by the Black Jaguar – The Yucatan Times Big Cats, Black Panthers, Jaguar, Black Jaguar Animal, Jaguar Animal, Black Panther, Exotic Cats, Wild Cats, Gatos

The word comes from the guaraní jaguarete. "jaguar" - and the suffix “ete”, which means "beast of prey". The word entered English presumably via the Amazonian trade language "Tupinambá". Revered by every tribe from the indigenous peoples of the United States, for some Native Americans, the word meant, “he who kills with one blow” and

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