Black hair types chart

Learn about the various types of black hair with the help of this comprehensive chart. Find the perfect hair care routine for your specific hair type and achieve healthy, beautiful locks.
Curl pattern
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How To Identify Your Curl Type and Pattern Straight hair is pretty simple to identify, but it’s much harder to figure out your wavy or curly hair texture. Many can misidentify their hair as curly when it's actually wavy and vice versa. Today, we are going to break it down for you so you can choose the best products and techniques to make your natural pattern look its absolute best. Generally, hair texture is grouped into four different types: Straight (Type 1)Wavy (Type 2)Curly (Type 3)Kinky…

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The Hair Texture Chart 1 Dec Do you know your type? This hair system developed by Andre Walker (Oprah Winfrey hair stylist) is probably the best to follow. It breaks down hair into 3 main categories and 8 sub categories. Keep some naturals tend to have two, maybe even three different types of textures. So you can follow more than one of these types and modify your routine to get the best out of your hair. Type 1 refers to straight hair, more commonly found on Asian and Caucasian women and…

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Few years ago there was a very limited selection of products to choose from that were tailored to meet our natural hair’s needs. Products were loaded with ingredients that are now known to damage our curls, it was a one size fits all scenario. This generation began to pay attention and be more aware of what we put in our bodies and this has benefited the natural hair community tremendously.Today, walking down the hair care isle can be intimidating. There is an entire section dedicated to…

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