Binding tutorial

Learn how to bind your quilts and sewing projects with this easy step-by-step tutorial. Create beautiful finished edges and add a professional touch to your creations.
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Updated Tutorial : Attaching a Quilt Binding - Amy's Creative Side

Quilt bindings are the most magical, and sometime confusing part of quilt making, especially for a new quilter! I shared a tutorial a few years back, but have adapted and made a few changes as I’ve grown as a quilter, and thought it was enough to update the post. Any tips or suggestions you might […]

Brenda Snowball
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How to Self Bind a Quilt

Here is a helpful technique from Beth Ann Doing for self-binding a quilt. Binding a quilt is something quilters either love or hate. Personally, I like it because it means my piece is almost done…

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The Easiest Quilt Binding Tutorial — Pin Cut Sew Studio

A few years ago, I created a tutorial for how to sew an oversized hot pad and it’s one of my most popular videos to date — mostly because of my fuss free method of quilt binding! That tutorial teaches the quilt binding method that I’ve always used, so I really didn’t know how many people were str

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