Big eyes art

Transform your space with captivating big eyes art that adds a touch of whimsy and charm. Explore top ideas to bring this unique art style into your home decor.
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Hayley Southgate
Big eye kitsch art print by Lee These were very popular!  My neighbors had them   :) Big Eyes Paintings, Kitsch Art, Big Eyes Artist, Big Eyes Art, The Sixties, Photo Vintage, Vintage Kitsch, Eye Art, Retro Art

I am so obsessed with The Mods! Why? Well, because my cool, young aunt had them in her playhouse when she was a kid in the sixties, and the playhouse was still there when I played at my grandparents house in the 80's. There were these awesome decals on the wall, just like the two above- but there was also a brunette and many groovy flowers. I loved those decals- they were huge and colorful and mysterious. Thus, they became an obsession of mine in later years: Who were they? What company made…

Linda Chronister