Best sofa for dog owners

Find the perfect sofa for dog owners that combines style and durability. Explore the best options to ensure comfort for both you and your furry friend.
How to Have a Pretty Sofa While Also Having Dogs, Cats, and Kids - a hilarious guide to all your couch needs.  #couch #sofaguide Living Room, Home, Sofas, Cheap Couch, Cheap Sofas, Family Room, Best Sofa, Family Room Design, Mudroom

Thanks to Havertys for sponsoring this post! For a long time, we’ve regarded sofas as more or less disposable. It seemed impossible to keep them in decent shape for any length of time, between kids spilling stuff, cats scratching, and dogs….smelling like dogs–so we spent many years picking up super cheap sofas on Craigslist or at thrift stores and then … Continue reading →

Best Upholstery Fabric Options for Cat & Dog Owners | Apartment Therapy

When that luxurious velvet sofa catches your gaze for the first time, it’s easy to think, “I can totally do this, Fido will learn that he is not allowed up. Simple as that.” We’ve all been there, but let’s get real. Even if you become the dog whisperer and are indeed successful in keeping him off the sofa, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will stay clean.