Best makeup for redheads

Enhance your natural beauty with the best makeup ideas designed specifically for redheads. Discover how to accentuate your features and embrace your unique hair color.
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Edited: November 1, 2021 Oh, to have had a fairy godmother who could have given tried-and-true, redhead makeup advice back when I was first learning how to use it! Unfortunately, no such 'angel' ever materialized and my mom is an olive-skinned brunette. I was left to figure out what looked good with my coloring (and, more often than not, what didn't). But after lots of experimentation, I realized that simpler is better when it comes to enhancing our ginger gorgeousness. Here are five easy…

Kim Thompson
The 4 Best Lipstick Tips for Redheads — How to be a Redhead Iphone, Diy, Redhead Lipstick Shades, Makeup For Redheads, Redhead Lipstick, Red Lipsticks, Redhead Makeup, Makeup Lipstick, Best Lipsticks

Updated: October 26th, 2023 Celebrate the new year with a pop of color on your lips. Reds, oranges, nudes and pinks all look stunning on redheads. To discover the best lipstick tips, we consulted with Patty Bell, an award-winning makeup artist currently based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has worked with flame-haired celebrities like Amy Adams and Kate Walsh, and knows a thing or two about makeup tips for redheads. 'As a redhead myself, the hair color is always the best feature and the…

Jennifer Allen