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The Omnitrix is a machine in the Delta Dimension of Earth-1010 that was created by Azmuth. Appearance-wise it is identical to the Prototype Omnitrix. It resembles a strange grey bracelet with a circular dial. Four white wires circle the device. It has a small green button on the side facing the user. The dial has a green hourglass figure on it, outlined in black. The dial has four smaller green buttons around the rim. The origin of this Omnitrix is currently unknown. It is presumed to have…

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Who's idea was this again?.... ---- Oh yeah, it was Grandpa Max's idea. Said it would help to keep track of my life as a hero and well... I need to be kept track of. While I'm not too found of writing in general, I will admit that it could be fun. It will be like my own biography and the best part is, I'll be writing it! This is how I would like to look at it as. A biography of my stories that I can look back at. (Also gonna geek about aliens and sumo slammers so don't you worry) But yeah…

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