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Explore the fascinating world of bees with these must-read books. Learn about beekeeping, biodiversity, and the crucial role bees play in our ecosystem. Start reading and become a bee advocate today.
book cover: embroidered bees and hexagons

So being a mother, moving back from France, setting up my studio back in London, catching up with friends and family, plus bookbinding in my “spare” time have been keeping me very busy of late! I have...

Pumora - How to do hand embroidery | Anne Mende
Ingrid Dijkers: "The Bee Book" continued

I'm just taking a few minutes to post a few new pages from "The Bee Book" Journal. They are in no particular order, but I just wanted to share them while I had a chance.

Liberty Paper
It's time for another mini-book!  I was reading Erzsi Culshaw's blog  recently and it reminded me of hexagon books.  As I've mentioned rec...

It's time for another mini-book! I was reading Erzsi Culshaw's blog recently and it reminded me of hexagon books. As I've mentioned recently, my Year 5 Spaniards are learning how to tell the time in Spanish at the moment. I usually finish this unit with a lift-the-flap book, but the cutting and folding always seems to go wrong (not mine, I hasten to add). So I thought I'd give the hexagons a try to see if the children find the making any easier. The idea is that you unfold one hexagon at a…

Esther Rodrigues
#Book Review of #TheLastHoneyBee from #ReadersFavorite  Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers' Favorite Books, Childrens Books, Children's Book Illustration, Children’s Books, Popular Books, Favorite Books, Book Activities, Book Art, Free Books

The Last Honey Bee is a children’s picture book from Wayne Gerard Trotman’s Rhyming Stories series. Manderlee is a very sad honey bee. Humans destroyed the thriving bee colony she lived in with fire and poison. The queen bee, drones, and worker bees perished, but Manderlee survived. She had to travel far to seek a new colony and was almost made into honey bee cake by Kala Kaghee, an angry seagull. As she searches for a new hive to live in, Manderlee explains the importance of bees and why…

Roberta Argenti