Bedroom with a crib master

Transform your master bedroom into a cozy and functional space by incorporating a crib. Discover top ideas to design a relaxing and stylish bedroom that accommodates both adults and babies.
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Can you share a room with your baby? Absolutely! Not only can you have a shared bedroom with a baby, but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies share parents' bedroom for a year, or at minimum six months, to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Ahead, find helpful design tips when sharing a room with baby. Regardless of whether you are setting up a shared bedroom with a baby temporarily until the baby is a bit older or constrained by space- you'll find…

Shelby Hammett
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Looking to set up a nursery in a small apartment? Whether you are living in a small apartment, loft or house-it's perfectly possible to set up a nursery in a compact space. And, here we'll share our best tips to help you set up a nursery in a small apartment with our no fail nursery design tips and tricks. Sure, designing a nursery in a small apartment might not be the simplest thing to do. But as they say, if there is a will there's always a way to get it done. Right? So with that mind…