Bass ukulele

Enhance your musical experience with a bass ukulele. Discover the top choices for beginners and professionals alike. Start strumming and create mesmerizing melodies with a bass ukulele today.
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Adding a U-Bass to a ukulele ensemble adds harmonic and rhythmic interest. Use the chart below to visualize the notes on the bass ukulele. The bass ukulele is tuned differently than other ukes; it is tuned like a string bass or bass guitar: E A D G (from the thickest to thinnest string). Smaller bass ukuleles are tuned an octave higher than indicated in the chart below, but the note names are the same. The U-bass strings are a perfect fourth (four scale degrees) apart, which makes it easy to…

Peter Owens
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In previous posts I have discussed different ways to introduce the 12 Bar Blues to students. This month I wanted to talk about using a walking bass line to accompany another guitarist or musician when playing a 12 Bar Blues. Walking bass lines are generally associated with our bass playing brethren, but guitarists can also effectively use them. In its most simplistic form a walking bass outlines (or arpeggiates) the notes of a chord using a quarter note rhythm. There are many complications…

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