Basement carpet

Upgrade your basement with stylish carpet ideas that will add warmth and comfort to your space. Discover top ideas to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your basement.
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Our Stainmaster carpet was installed earlier this week and it’s even better than we imagined it would be! We talked about it in this post, but wall to wall carpet has kind of gotten a bad rep in the last decade. And while I understand the appeal of hardwood floors, there is an undeniable coziness […]

Lisa Saul
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We're actually celebrating Christmas in July over here at the Veit house because our carpet was installed today! I'm finding it a little humorous just how excited we've been for this stuff to finally arrive. One, because in a past life, I actually recall telling my mom once that 're-carpeting' a room should definitely not be a thing. There was probably a furrowed brow and slight eye-roll involved. But this was long before I knew there were actual good carpets out there to be had and oh how…

Megan Masada
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A special thanks to Empire Today for sponsoring this post. Several months ago I found myself complaining about not having enough space in our home. Ever since Bennett was born it has felt like our house is getting smaller and smaller everyday! Rather than complain I decided to do something about it. We have a 300...Continue Reading

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