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Transform your special occasions with an elegant banquet table. Discover top ideas to create a memorable and stylish dining experience for your guests.
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The date is set. The venue decided. The color and flower themes agreed upon. The menu approved. Now you need to focus on the seating arrangement at the banquet. Do you want intimate tables of 4 or 6, or large family tables to seat 10, maybe more? What sizes will work better in the available space?

Italia is love! As Alex and I walked down the steps from the church, we were overwhelmed by the tourists and well-wishers that had gathered to congratulate us. Vogue, Ideas, Wedding, Wedding Dress, Bride, Bridal Style, Hochzeit, Boda, Vestidos

With guests attending from all over, the couple chose to get married at a hotel on the Tyrrhenian Sea outside of Rome. “It’s a 17th-century villa that was purchased and restored by J. Paul Getty before being converted into a small hotel, so the history and sense of home there is incredible,” says Kylie Gattinella. They were able to take over the property for four days and hosted a glamorous celebration that culminated in a fireworks display and an alfresco dance party.

A detailed post on a faithfully recreated banquet table "à la française" for a "Pride and Prejudice" special on BBC (Regency vs Victorian, but very close!)

Some Background on the Ball Supper in the BBC2 Documentary Although the silver and other tableware here is accurate for the period, this is more of an 'evocation', than a recreation of the Netherfield ball supper. But hopefully it does offer some insight into the sophistication of dining in the Regency period. Photo by Andrew Hayes Watkins. ©Optomen Television Those of you who regularly read this blog will know that I am frequently rather harsh about the lack of accuracy in food and table…

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