Bamboo crochet

Explore a variety of beautiful bamboo crochet patterns and projects for your next creative endeavor. Get inspired and start crocheting with bamboo yarn today!
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Since bamboo is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility, it has come to represent harmony and balance in one's life. As such, it is considered lucky in many Asian cultures. In fact, many people give bamboo as a house warming gift to bring good health to the recipient. Designed and made by PlanetJune, get

Bamboo Bliss Market Tote

Stylish, durable and washable! Crochet a grocery tote that you can use again and again. Stitches are locked tighter together in this project because four rectangle panels are each worked in center half double crochet. They are joined and edged with twisted single crochet which is easier and just as gorgeous as reverse single crochet.

Kayleigh Kopach