Backyard aquaponics

Discover how to create a sustainable garden with backyard aquaponics. Learn about the benefits of this innovative gardening method and start growing your own fresh produce today.
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How about growing fishes and plants within a clean and closed system that too, with little effort? We're sure it sounds super amazing, so here in this article, we have brought you 20 wonderful plans to make DIY aquaponics systems. These DIY aquaponics system plans are very less difficult, and they use the natural cycle to raise fish and keep the hydroponic plants healthy. You might have seen such systems and thought about how expensive they can cost you, but we are here with good news! You…

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The rainbow trout is popular sportfish and recognized as a tasty, nutritious dinner for all diets. This easy to rear fish can be cultured to grow plants in aquaponics. This hardiest type of trout is easier to grow for farming purposes and much less maintenance for plant growing purposes. They are ideal to use for

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For example “Nation’s Largest Indoor Vertical Farm, Opens In Chicago Area” (The Huffington Post) or “First Vertical Farm Opens in Singapore” ( And with the vivid images of lush, green basil plants and bok choy growing up to the sky, it’s easy to see why these futuristic farms are

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Aquaponics for Everyone!: A few years ago I was introduced to Aquaponics gardening and thought I might try it out at the school I teach at. The basic idea is pretty simple; Plants need all sorts of things to thrive but the biggest ones are oxygen, light and nutrients. Of cou…

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