Baby starfish

Learn all about baby starfish with our collection of fun and fascinating facts. Discover their unique characteristics and explore the enchanting world of these adorable sea creatures.
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There’s cute. Then there’s super cute. And finally, there’s ‘Tiny Animals on Fingers’ cute! Correct us if we’re wrong, but Bored Panda believes that the smaller the animal, the cuter it tends to look. (No offense to all of you BIG animals out there—we still love you very very much! We totally think you’re cute, too, but in a different way.)

Janice Birney
The Tasmanian viviparous seastar, (Patiriella vivipara) is quite a tiny species of starfish endemic to Tasmania Water, Ale, Naturaleza, Dieren, Sealife, Animaux, Ocean, Cute, Creatures

The Tasmanian viviparous seastar, Patiriella vivipara. Adults achieve a full size of 13mm across. This tiny species is endemic to Tasmania, is known from a handful of locations and is considered threatened. Rather than going through the usual planktonic larval stage that most seastars go through, this species hold the larvae in it's gonad until they are fully formed. These minute baby seastars emerge from the back of the parent. This reproduction method limits the spread of this species to…

Cynthia Baca