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Experience the thrill and excitement of classic B-movies. Explore our curated list of the best B-movies that will keep you entertained for hours. Get ready for a nostalgic movie marathon!
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The worst mistake a movie can make is to be mediocre. I can abide the lowest grade B-movie as long as it has heart, and avoids being boring. While almost all of these films suffer from low budgets and other handicaps that come with not being big productions, they at least don’t commit the unforgivable … Continue reading "20 Profoundly Strange Moments from Offbeat Films (1960s-1990s)"

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Elvira, the horror-show host created by Cassandra Peterson, has been famous for her clowning and cleavage since 'Elvira's Movie Macabre' debuted in 1981. Though her Valley girl diction may seem at odds with her goth persona, apply kabuki makeup and big hair and somehow it all just works. The unique combination has made her a pop-cultural fixture for decades.