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Discover effective tips and techniques to help you achieve an average body. Take control of your health and fitness journey with these practical strategies.
Alex Kirby completely overhauled his diet, which resulted in him losing half a stone and 10% of his body fat percentage Average Body Type Men, Normal Male Body Reference, Belly Drawing Reference, Man Body Type, Average Male Body Reference, Men Anatomy Drawing Body Reference, Body Types Men, Dad Body Reference, Dad Body Men

Most men dream of having rippling abs, toned legs and muscular arms but the effort of upping their fitness regime and changing their diet often puts them off. We set out to find out how demanding it would be.

Comparing a fashion model, a Playmate, the average American woman, men across all cultures are inherently attracted to the curvy "Playmate" female body type. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images Fitness Models, Fashion Models, Fitness, Average Body, Body Types Women, Body Types, Ideal Body, Body Shapes, Fitness Models Female

What is the ideal female body shape? It depends if you're asking a man or a woman. For women, the ideal will be a fashion model's body, a tall, willowy body with a modest bustline, a small waist-to-hip ratio, and thin, muscled thighs. According to women's ideal of the perfect female body, she should be 70 inches tall, have a BMI of 16.5 (underweight BMI), and have a hip size that is just 46 percent larger than her waist size. A composite of celebrity body parts showing the differences…

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