Asparagus garden

Learn how to create a thriving asparagus garden and enjoy a bountiful harvest. Discover top ideas and expert tips to grow and maintain your own delicious asparagus plants.
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Growing new types of edible plants is so exciting! Back in February, a small group of folks from our local Ypsi Growers Co-operative group placed plant orders together- it was nice to strategize how to split the orders together, and talk about what varieties we each would choose. We decided there was enough interest to place an order for asparagus from De Bruyn, potatoes from Seed Savers Exchange, and a variety of native fruit trees from Lucas Soil and Water Conservation District. I ordered…

Misty MaGouirk
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Forget all that digging, mounding, and continual backfilling. Growing asparagus in a raised bed cuts out most of the work of planting and harvesting them, and the extra warmth means they'll come up sooner in spring too. This step-by-step guide will show you how to plant asparagus for maximum product

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The list of vegetables that are true perennials is short - rhubarb and asparagus keep coming back year after year, while artichokes and sorrel can double as perennials too. While the tendency for a vegetable, such as an asparagus, to return after a harsh winter is something to celebrate, this growth habit also means that asparagus sometimes must be moved from its original bed to a new location in the garden. Find out how and when to transplant asparagus to bring spring asparagus to your…

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