Artisan crackers recipe

Elevate your snacking experience with these mouthwatering artisan crackers recipes. From savory to sweet, find the perfect recipe to impress your guests or enjoy as a tasty treat.
Recipe: Harvest Crackers with Cranberries, Pecans & Rosemary — Recipes from The Kitchn | The Kitchn Snacks, Croissants, Biscuits, Recipes, Appetiser Recipes, Roasted Nuts, Savory, Cranberry, Pecan

These might just be the crackers to top all other crackers. They’re flecked all the way through with roasted nuts and chewy bits of cranberry, and they’re crunchy enough to satisfy any snack-addict. Rosemary adds its piney, fresh presence, while whole wheat gives them a savory depth. The crackers are sturdy enough to spread with cheese or hold some dip, but they’re also fantastic on all on their own as a mid-afternoon snack.

Barbara Arnoux
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Now you can stop buying overpriced store-bought crackers. These crackers are customizable, easy, crunchy & healthy! They begin as a loaf of hearty and dense bread, made with sunflower and flax seeds, raisins, and a variety of nuts. The loaf is baked for about an hour, allowed to cool, and is sliced very thinly. Bake the slices for about a half hour or until they crisp up, and viola, you have thin, crispy, crunchy crackers, loaded with texture and flavor. The choices are limitless from what…

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