Armenian people

Explore the fascinating culture and history of the Armenian people. Learn about their traditions, language, and contributions to art, music, and literature. Find inspiration and insights into the vibrant Armenian community.
A girl in traditional Armenian clothes with a tape over her mouth, standing in front of mountains covered in carpets with Armenian ornaments. History, Art, Armenian People, Armenian Culture, Armenian History, Culture, Artist, Character, Artwork

This illustration is inspired by Armenia and Artsakh, and what is currently happening with the war. The girl with the tape over her mouth represents the silenced voices of the Armenian people. The mountains and carpets represent the rich culture and history of Armenia. #Armenia #Artsakh #WarCrime #SilenceIsViolence #StandWithArmenia

Arutyunyan Elen Rubenovna

This is a subject that will certainly ruffle some feathers and potentially cost me more than a few subscribers. But I’m sitting home in quarantine with nothing better to do, so I thought to myself, it’s time for a good old fashioned digital controversy. All joking aside though, if you thought the “dolma wars” were […]

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