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Which ‘Game Of Thrones’ Dragons Are You? Harry Potter, Merlin, Avatar, Resim, Jon Snow, Fotos, Tron, Royal, Arya Stark

Perhaps some of the most underrated characters in ‘Game of Thrones’ belong to The Mother of Dragons. And while they might have little to say, their tendency to swoop down at unexpected times, wreak havoc with intense fiery breath and protect dear old mom makes them pretty vital characters throughout the series. That, and their existence is kind of a major plotline. Take this quiz and see which scaly companion you're most like.

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Being Bella swans sister and having an mental illness that deems Athena 'crazy' isn't a good combination But when she moves to forks and meets a family of vampires it all changes. Will she be able to see maybe things aren't how they seem? That maybe everything she's ever known is wrong. Maybe everyone else is the crazy one Twilight - completed ✔️ New moon - completed ✔️ Eclipse - Breaking dawn pt.1 - Breaking dawn pt.2 - #3 charlieswan #3 rosaliehale #4 thetwilightsaga

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The unique style of artwork from the far east has inspired creatives around the world. One of the popular figures from Chinese mythology that has become a symbol of the culture is the Chinese Dragon. Unlike the winged reptilian dragon creatures from Western mythology, the East Asian dragons have more of an animal-like appearance with […]

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