Aqualad fanart

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Aqualad fanart. Discover stunning artwork that brings this beloved character to life and showcases the talent and creativity of fans. Get inspired and explore the depths of Aqualad's universe through these captivating pieces.
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Jackson Hyde is the third Aquaman. He is the partner and former protege of Arthur Curry, the second Aquaman. Prior to becoming Aquaman, he was the second hero to use the name Aqualad and a member of the Teen Titans for a short time. He is the son of Black Manta and the Xebelian rebel Lucia. Jackson is openly gay. Jackson's mother hailed from the Atlantean Kingdom of Xebel in the Bermuda Triangle, while his father was the treasure hunter and super-villain known as Black Manta. They met when…

Alberto Rivera