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Discover the most enchanting anime witch characters that will cast a spell on your heart. Explore a world of magic and adventure with these captivating and powerful witches.
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Have you ever wondered what it would look like if your favorite characters turned into anime? Or if every movie, cartoon, or TV series had an anime of its own? Well, you can wonder no more thanks to a brilliantly talented Mexican artist named Brenni Murasaki, who is doing her god's work by doing just that.

ゆい岩崎「Yui Iwasaki」
(yandere family x child reader) y/n was just enjoying her favorite a… #random #Random #amreading #books #wattpad

(yandere family x child reader) y/n was just enjoying her favorite anime a show like every other night.when she finally dozed off she woke up in a 6 YEAR OLDS BODY, what's going on and how did I get here? She had so many questions. Better yet shes in a family of crazy people obsessed with her and will do any for her, even that means killing. Now she has to find a way to go back to the real world while playing a cute innocent 6 year old girl THIS IS NOT PEDOPHILIA THEY DO NOT FEEL ANY SEXUAL…