Animals with tongues out

Explore the cuteness of animals sticking their tongues out. From dogs to giraffes, discover the playful side of these furry creatures and brighten up your day.
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The amount of drool these things produce is phenomenal. At west midland's safari park you can buy GIRAFFE FOOD, hold your hand out of the car window and feed the things. The Coolest Experience. Mixed feelings about zoos - west midland's safari park have an enormous mixed species enclosure, they're on the nicer end of the zoo spectrum.

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Humans aren't the only ones who like to goof around for the camera. From a cheeky chameleon to a silly seal pup, these 22 animals know how to have a good time.Don't believe me? See fur yourself!This sheep definitely isn't camera shy.Meanwhile, this polar bear is subtly taunting a land-bound photographer.Frankly, we've been in this pose for similar photos ...Whatever their motives may be, these par

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