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Explore a collection of reference ideas for angry poses that will help you portray intense emotions in your artwork. Find inspiration and bring your characters to life with dynamic and powerful poses.
Angry people need to learn to calm themselves before communicating with those they love or work with. Ayurveda, Yoga, Mood Enhancers, Rage, Rage Faces, People Poses, Action Poses, Fotografia, Poster

I've had this idea for awhile and had a bit of free time so I set up the gear and shot a few frames. I really like how they turned out. As a side note I am not really screaming, no noise here. I got a bit crazy in PS with this one. The set-up shot is here. Strobist Info: SB-28 set at 1/8th power through umbrella to camera right. SB-600 and some old minolta flash aimed at background one from right and one from left. The SB-600 was set to 1/8th and the minolta has no power settings so I used 3…

Michele "Shoshanna" April,
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Just a collection of anime profile pics and icons that you could use for your profile. Hope this helps! ✖️REMINDER✖️ (I don't own/claim any of the illustrations or edits whatsoever;; this is just for entertainment/help) If you know any of the artists, let me know so I can credit. If you are the artist/editor and don't want your work reposted here, message me so I can delete it (with proof please)Thanks~ anime: hunterxhunter

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