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The Antikythera Mechanism: an ancient Greek machine rewriting the history of technology | The Past Ancient Greece, Ancient Greek, Archaeology, Ancient Technology, Planetary, Ancient, Astronomical Events, Greek, Kardashev Scale

A seemingly unassuming lump of corroded bronze has confounded investigators for more than a century, ever since it proved to contain precision gearwheels that simply should not have existed in the ancient Greek world. A new study, using cutting-edge techniques, has now revealed what this machine could do, and how it did it, as Tony Freeth explains.

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bY Jayasankar G. -Ph.D. scholar enrolled with Dept. of Sanskrit, Kerala University, Thiruvananthapuram Ancient India was not only a land of philosophy and religion but also a fertile ground for science and technology. Many great sages authored vast literature on science and technology. Of which sage Bharadvāja's Vaimānikaśāstra is one of the most renowned and

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Archaeology & Art on Instagram: "Pyramid structures from around the world. Credit: The Human Odyssey, designed by Simon E. Davies.⁣ ⁣ #archaeologyart #archaeology #archaeologylife #archaeologylovers #antiquearchaeology #archaeologymuseum #archaeologist #ancientworld #culturalheritage #archaeologystudent #ancienttimes #ancientartifacts" Teotihuacan, Ancient Egypt, Egyptian Art, Ancient Aliens, Egyptian, Pyramid Of Djoser, Ancient Civilizations, Ziggurat, Ancient Technology

Archaeology & Art on Instagram: "Pyramid structures from around the world. Credit: The Human Odyssey, designed by Simon E. Davies.⁣ ⁣ #archaeologyart #archaeology #archaeologylife #archaeologylovers #antiquearchaeology #archaeologymuseum #archaeologist #ancientworld #culturalheritage #archaeologystudent #ancienttimes #ancientartifacts"

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China says it found something bizarre and unexpected on the moon | MIT Technology Review The Far Side, Astronomy, Ancient Aliens, Dark Side, Moon, Bizarre, More Images, Moon Pictures, Lunar

Chinese media is claiming that while investigating the far side of the moon, the country’s Yutu-2 lunar rover stumbled upon a unique “gel-like” substance of unknown origin sitting inside a small crater. What we know so far: Yutu-2 made the discovery during its eighth lunar day on the moon as it zipped through an area…

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The subject of history is a bottomless pit of interesting facts. The deeper you delve into it, the more information there seems to be waiting to be unveiled, which is part of what makes it fascinating. And with seemingly no end in sight, browsing history-related facts can be even more enthralling.