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Step back in time with authentic ancient Greek costumes. Discover a wide selection of beautifully crafted costumes that will transport you to the era of gods and goddesses. Find your perfect costume and make a statement at your next event.
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Description A while ago I uploaded some doodles, that I did as part of a research for the Eros and Psyche project, about ancient greek hairstyles. So I thought I'd share some dress doodles I did as well. They are all 100% accurate (drawn off vases of the era written above each dress) so feel free to use them as reference! you can find the ones about hairstyles here here and here

Dionysius I of Syracuse | Dionysius. Tyrant of Syracuse. Medieval Clothing, Fantasy Clothing, Historical Clothing, Ancient Greek Clothing Men, Ancient Greek Costumes, Roman Clothes, Toga Party, King Costume, King Outfit

Humbly born but a supporter of the masses, Dionysius held power by playing Syracuse against its enemies. He dreamt of controlling Greek politics. Restorers' Comment: This Figure needed a major reconstruction of body elements and hands, and was given new clothing and sandals.

Kim Fogarty