Amaryllis planting ideas

Enhance your garden with these creative amaryllis planting ideas to ensure stunning blooms. Learn how to plant and care for amaryllis bulbs to enjoy beautiful flowers year after year.
What you probably don't know about potting an amaryllis, but wish you did - Plants, Gardens, Buffalo, Container Gardening, Gardening, Amaryllis Plant, Amaryllis Bulbs, Amaryllis Care, Indoor Plants

by Connie Oswald Stofko I have a bunch of amaryllis bulbs in two large pots, and I would like to separate them and move some into another pot. I asked David Clark, nationally and internationally known gardening educator, for some tips. His first suggestion: Don’t do it. “Amaryllis likes to be root-bound,” Clark said. He told me that if I separate the bulbs, they may not flower this year. While I hear his warning, those bulbs have been crammed into...

Liz Mauro McPherson