Alligator hunting

Experience the thrill of alligator hunting and embark on exciting adventures in the wild. Discover top tips, techniques, and destinations to fulfill your adrenaline rush.
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When you think of fast animals, you typically think of long leggy animals like cheetahs, ostriches, and horses. Alligators, on the other hand, have short, stubby legs. They are huge, carnivorous reptiles that like to be idle and hunt smaller prey rather than larger animals. Due to this, alligator attacks are quite infrequent. But how fast can an alligator run if you were to be chased by one?

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Along the Antill Canal in Terrebonne Parish, 10 miles southeast of Gibson, we drift for 15 minutes before the first sighting. “There,” says Rod Bonvillain Jr., a construction foreman from Houma. He moves toward the bow, finger pointing to a disturbance 20 yards ahead in the center of the canal. At the captain’s wheel, Aaron “Boo” Cantrelle, Bonvillain’s uncle, has...