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Pokemon Collage! Truly amazing artist. I left a comment requesting the file image. He was so kind to email it to me so I could use it as a gift for my son. Hats off to him. Very generous!! Pikachu, Etsy, Geek Stuff, Pokemon Room, Pokemon Pillow, Cute Pokemon, Cute Pokemon Wallpaper, Pokémon, My Pokemon

Description !!!NOTE!!!: By popular demand, I have gone back and added the NEW generation 6 of pokemon! The poster now consists of over 721 pokemon. For the new updated version, see:… ADDITIONAL NOTICE: If you see this for sale on ANY website, it is NOT me or approved by me! It is someone else who is making money off my work (it is also illegal). Please do not support them! I am HAPPY to give you the poster for FREE! Finally finished! This is a full-sized poster…

Bonnie Krause