All natural toothpaste

Switch to all natural toothpaste for a healthier smile. Explore top ideas for a natural oral care routine and achieve a brighter, fresher smile.
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Diese selbstgemachte natürliche Zahnpasta besteht aus 3 Zutaten und wird dazu beitragen, deine Zähne aufzuhellen und deinen Atem frisch zu halten, ohne all die giftigen Chemikalien, die in den meisten im Laden gekauften Zahnpasten enthalten sind.

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To me, toothpaste is one of those things that proves your adulthood. I have always said that one wasn't a true grown-up until they had to buy their own toilet paper and toothpaste. I rarely did either until last year - I would ask for a few tubes from home while packing my suitcases (I only needed 2

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You probably remember my last post about toothpaste , where I told about the dangers of commercial toothpaste and had tried to make my own for a few months just to see how it would be. Well, consider this a sort of update, because I now use a new recipe. I’ll tell you why and what happened. This

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