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Discover the benefits of agile software development and how it can help you streamline your projects. Get insights on best practices and tools to enhance your software development process.
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The 12 agile principles underpin every successful agile project and can inspire even non-agile teams. They form the basis of agile project management. Below is our beautifully illustrated infographic detailing the agile principles. Perfect for anyone working on agile projects!

Tsandi Crew
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Extreme Programming (or XP) focuses on developing higher-quality software by employing the best software development practices. XP, like most Agile techniques, has frequent releases in short development sprints that encourage change when it is required. In general, XP adheres to a set of values rather than steps, which include simplicity (build only what is necessary), communication (teams must interact and work together on every piece of software), continuous feedback, and respect.

Paul Hoogenboom