8th grade science projects

Engage your curiosity and explore these exciting 8th grade science project ideas. Discover hands-on experiments that will amaze your classmates and teachers.
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15 Fascinating Science Experiments for 7th Graders

Looking for an exciting science experiments for 7th graders and beyond?? This list of 15 science experiments will catch your attention and will make you...

Lisa Schmid
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Learning the Levels

Learning the levels of organization, that is! My students are working hard on our living systems unit. Our newest anchor chart is all about the organization of living things. I am a huge fan of anchor charts because it helps my students organize the content into bite sized pieces. In our living systems unit we discuss the levels of organization, plant and animal cells, classification and cell theory. I like to make an anchor chart for each of the different topics and hang them around the…

Rahel Elbaz
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6 Science Classroom Management Strategies

Use these six classroom management strategies in your science classroom on the first day of school. Back to school for new science teachers.

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