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Step into the past with a collection of captivating 60s pictures. Relive the iconic moments and fashion trends of the 1960s with these nostalgic images.
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While most of us grew up with supermarkets and shopping malls already existing; some of us remember the family-run grocery stores where your options were often limited. Others might even have had the chance to grow their own food, but once general stores grew bigger and became more convenient, there was no way back. Still, the consumerist lifestyle as we know it didn't happen overnight, and we got where we are now gradually.

Some of the first modeling pictures Pattie ever took. She was around 18-19 years old. Pattie's hair was shorter and darker at the time, and ... Beatles Girl, The Beatles, Patricia Anne Boyd, 60s Icons, Muse, 60s Hair, Something In The Way, Model Portfolio, Boyds

Some of the first modeling pictures Pattie ever took. She was around 18-19 years old. Pattie's hair was shorter and darker at the time, and she used to do her makeup differently too. By the time she did AHDN, her hair was longer and lighter, and she had learned how to do her makeup "properly" (like the great photographer, Norman Parkinson, told her to do when he first met her).

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The 1960s marked the boom of youth fashion. Young people also had a quite liberal lifestyle in this era. Skirts and dresses were popular for girls, the most popular music genre was Rock and Roll, and one popular song was Yellow Submarine by The Beatles. Check out these snapshot that will give you a look back at the lifestyle of teenage girls in the 1960s.

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