60s mens fashion

Step back in time with these iconic 60s men's fashion trends. From tailored suits to psychedelic prints, discover how to incorporate these timeless styles into your wardrobe today.
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Ever since I watched the Mad Men drama series and more recently the Velvet Colección series, I have been interested in men's '60s fashion. You too must be fascinated, because it is one of the most asked about decades in menswear history. The 1960s had many fashion trends throughout the decade, starting with conservative carry

Hannah Mobarak
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By 1965, half of the USA's population was under 25 years of age. The young men and women of the '60s had witnessed social injustices of their parent's generation and wanted change. That change even reflected in 1960s men's clothing, contributing to a continuation of casualness, a slimming of the figure (boyish shapes), and brighter

Tim Dishner

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Adam Morrell