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Learn how to create a highly efficient 3 bin compost system for your garden. Discover the benefits of composting and start turning your organic waste into nutrient-rich soil with these simple steps.
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One of the most popular projects of the past few years has been the pallet compost bin. There has been a boom in the community interest in repurposing abandoned pallets for furniture and landscaping. This, in conjunction with a surge of interest in creating sustainable gardens through processes like composting, has led the pallet compost bin being touted as a composting solution that combines these trends in environmental sustainability. Basically, the project involves using one pallet for…

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How to Build a 3-Bin Composter for Less Than $5 | The House & Homestead Vegetable Garden, Layout, Compost, Organic Gardening, Outdoor, Compost Bin, Garden Compost, Homesteading, Gardening For Beginners

A 3-bin composter lets you mix in one compartment, turn in another, and store finished compost in another. And you can build your own for next to nothing:) * * * I’ve been wanting a compost bin forever. When we first moved to our property a couple years ago, there was already an old

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The Best Triple Compost Bin : 5 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

The Best Triple Compost Bin: Instructables has plans for several compost bins made from recycled products like garbage cans and pallets. I've used a black plastic orb for composting, but it gets too heavy to roll around as it fills up with moist material. I wanted t…