20s hair

Get inspired by these trendy 20s hair ideas to create a glamorous and vintage-inspired hairstyle. Explore different styles and techniques to achieve the perfect 20s look for any occasion.
1920s Hairstyles History- Billie Dove took her classic “split curls” and made extra pointy with green gel (like petroleum jelly.) The curled up on her forehead and cheeks giving that very baby doe eyed look she was famous for. http://www.vintagedancer.com/1920s/1920s-long-hair-to-bobbed-hair/

Make no mistake. In the 1920s, a woman deciding to cut her hair was serious business. Simply put, long hair was considered feminine and short hair was not. Magazines such as “Ladies Home Journal” printed stories asking, “To Bob or Not to Bob?” Consider F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story from 1920 called Bernice Bobs Her

Dr. Ashley Russell