2 tone hair

Transform your look with these trendy and chic 2 tone hair ideas. Explore different color combinations and find the perfect style to express your unique personality.
36 Attractive Money Piece Hair With Face-Framing Highlights - Two Tone Underneath Hair, Colored Hair Pieces, Color Block Hair Brown And Blonde, Peekaboo On Short Hair, Shoulder Length Brown And Blonde Hair, Balayage Hair Brunette With Blonde Front Pieces, Two Tone Color Block Hair, Color Block Medium Hair, Natural Edgy Hair Color

36 Attractive Money Piece Hair With Face-Framing Highlights -

Funky money piece hair is achievable if the hair in the front is lighter than the rest of the mane. This is a technique to accentuate your complexion and accentuate your facial features. We're used to bold highlights on long hair, but nothing takes this dramatic trend to the next level like a bang on the bang. They'reThey're cropped and cut to bring the highlights of your hair further into the spotlight—whether your client has a chunky, super-short cut or an extended, wispy cut. Here, we'll…

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