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Step back in time with the iconic fashion of the 1940s. Discover timeless style inspiration for women, from elegant dresses to tailored suits, and create your own vintage-inspired look.
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Despite the hardships of WWII, fashion in the 1940s still ruled as women everywhere embraced a more utilitarian (yet chic) look, and Hollywood's Golden Age stars - from Rita Hayworth to Katharine Hepburn - dazzled in gorgeous gowns. We highlight the key looks of the decade in 40 stunning images and list our favourite vintage fashion shops so you can get the style yourself...

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The term 'teenager' was coined in 1941, and Seventeen magazine printed its first issue in 1944, showing off young teenager-targeted clothing and interests. It was a new market, one that was somewhere between girls and college-age young women. Teenagers were obsessed with crooner Frank Sinatra, hung out at soda fountains, and danced all night to

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