1880 dress

Step back in time with these stunning 1880 dress styles. From elegant evening gowns to everyday fashion, discover the perfect dress for any occasion and make a statement with vintage flair.
Rate the Dress: 1880s ribs, pleats, lace, and buttons - The Dreamstress Vintage Fashion, Old Dresses, 1800s Fashion, 1880s Fashion, Old Fashion Dresses, Vintage Dresses, French Fashion, Victorian Era Fashion, Vintage Gowns

I missed Rate the Dress last week because I had too much on – which was not the case for the dress and spencer themselves, which you deemed almost perfectly decorated. This week I’m pushing the ‘how much can you put on a dress’ envelope – but in a surprisingly restrained way. Last Week: an 1820s dress & spencer ensemble A couple of you were lukewarm about the dress, but most of you loved the detailing, the pairing of blush and cream, and the wardrobe options that a dress and spencer would…

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