16 patch quilt

Discover a collection of beautiful and creative 16 patch quilt designs to inspire your next quilting project. Get inspired and create stunning quilt patterns with these amazing ideas.
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2 1/2" Scrappy Squares

My self-imposed ban on blog reading and posting is over as Lent ends tonight. I was only posting finishes on my blog, since this is my way of keeping track of what I've done and, more importantly, when. I missed reading about everyone's quilting adventures, but it was good for me to stop for a bit. As with most of us, the mask making continues. In between making masks, I worked on this scrappy quilt using 2 1/2" squares. As those who follow me know, I do not enjoy making scrappy quilts and…

Janet Murphy
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Medallion Quilt – 16-Patch Quilt Block Tutorial - Darcy Quilts

This next round of the Medallion Quilt is the the 16-Patch Quilt Block Tutorial. It is both the easiest of the blocks in this quilt and the round that needs the most blocks. That seems fair, right? You have to make more of this one, but it is the easiest. The reason that so many more 16-patches are needed than any of the other blocks is because the 16-patch checkerboard block will be used in both round three and round six. But, before we get to the 16-Patches, here is a review of the…

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ADDQ - Attention Deficient Disorder for Quilters

I took some time to make myself a summer dress using an old favorite pattern. I need some more new clothes and I HATE to shop. While looking for something I came across 6 leftover squares and decided to make bear claw blocks with them. I have had some Thangle papers for some time so I used them to make HSTs. They are convenient because these use 2 ½” strips to make 2” finished HSTs. With the light fabric next to the paper, they easily press toward the dark and finish. I forgot that each…

Ginny Wierski