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three baskets filled with different types of fruit on top of a metal counter next to sushi
The love Nigiri. Black and red tobiko, salmon roe
sushi is served on a plate with lemon wedges
楽天ぐるなび - 居酒屋 食べ飲み放題 西梅田ワイン酒場 メニュー:3時間食飲み放題
Jumbo nigiri!
sushi on a wooden tray ready to be eaten
sushi #Sushi #Sushimi
sushi is served on a white plate with chopsticks
To Food with Love
Unagi Sushi
sushi is served on a red plate with chopsticks
Yahoo - login
Nigiri Sushi - I need a friend that loves sushi as much as I do! #letseatmercury
several pieces of sushi are lined up on a white plate with green garnishes
Salmon Nigiri. Love love love!!!
sushi and chopsticks sit on a wooden table next to a cup of coffee
Nigiri with tuna and salmon #sushi
sushi is arranged on a plate ready to be eaten
Salmon sushi and nigiri.
two pieces of meat on a plate with chopsticks
Sleepless in San Francisco
Butterfish Nigiri. (at Wasabi & Ginger)
sushi with chopsticks and watermelon on the side
Cocina japonesa tradicional - diversos tipos de sushi nigiri: atún (maguro) salmon (sake) y la anguila (unagi) con wasabi y el jengibre en la estera de bambú aisladas sobre fondo blanco
Japanese traditional cuisine - Different Types of Nigiri Sushi : Tuna (maguro) Salmon (sake) and Eel (unagi) with Wasabi and Ginger on bamboo mat isolated over white background
three pieces of sushi on a white plate
Craving Sushi
Nigiri at Shitori Young, Taipei. A small restaurant tucked away in the alley; few steps down and the sliding doors opened up into a serene dining spot housing the so-called “new kaiseki” that’s popular in Taiwan as of late. Tai, ika, salmon, eel, and uni. Shaped and seasoned with care, lined up quietly to feast our eyes and our stomachs.