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In The Palm of Gods Hand Memorial Miscarriage Baby Statue – Beattitudes Religious Gifts

In The Palm of Gods Hand Memorial Baby Statue. Peaceful statue for garden or Grave. Miscarriage gift or gift for memorial of the loss of a baby. Made of resin and stone mix Measures

Michael Raaflaub

You know, Alternia should have some place like that. Like underwater city with train. It is like in Way to the fantazy (Miazaki) - that was way the beatifulest thing I can imagine. The train. In water. My idea of beauty is train in water, deal with it

Mocanita, Romania

Mocanita is the forestry narrow gauge train pulled by a steam locomotive used in Romania since the era of Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Guerilla Marketing for a cup of coffee

Folgers Coffee displayed a pretty creative guerrilla marketing campaign by covering the city street's manholes with images of a top of a cup of coffee. When the steam rose from the sewers below, it appeared that a fresh cup of coffee was steaming up.