Iuliana Ceausescu

Iuliana Ceausescu

Iuliana Ceausescu
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If you really want taste and not so 'into' artistic decorating, maybe this would be a feast.

white chocolate cranberry cake delicious and not overly sweet, your cake will not be that pink unless you use food dye. I used a cup of cranberry puree and it still turned white. Frosting is to die for.

Marbleizing candy is one of the easiest & prettiest effects you can achieve!

MEGA Bakeware is designed to maximize every inch of your oven - so you can easily whip up a big batch of regular and mini cupcakes or muffins!

how to: bunny cake pops

how to: bunny cake pops. The bunny looks like the one in that Bunny flap book. This would be a good Story Time snack paired with that book.