Adorable siberian husky puppy.... I need this little man!

Do Dogs with Baby Expressions get Adopted Sooner, and What Does it Say about Domestication?

Bryn Mawr skirt - free pattern from Knitting Daily. #craft #knitting #pattern

Knitting: Magazines, eBooks, Videos, Articles, Guides

Upcycle a men's sweater into a fall knit skirt (this is actually a knitting pattern for the skirt, I'm all about taking the lazy way to get it done!) Lady who made this and modeled it was real life sized and it looked good on her!

Adorable Beagle Puppie

Adorable Beagle Puppie - the devil in disguise! Freak, houdini escaping bird and rabbitt killers, don't be fooled!

Alaskan Hasky, from iryna

How to install: long press on the desktop -> Set Wallpaper -> Live Wallpaper. Wallpaper optimized for phones and tablets!Siberian husky at first glance looks quite menacing and intimidating.

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