how to draw hair, line based inspiration. For all those times Gilly asks me to draw her a princess!

Draw Realistic Hair

how to draw hair line-based-inspiration. These are really cute hair ideas for me to try! Good resource if I need to draw hair ever

How To Paint Trees – Detailed Instructions

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Diy Crafts Ideas How To Paint Trees – Detailed Instructions -Read More -

Illustrations by Glen Preece. Glen is a UK based artist specialising in portraitures in either pencils or oil dry brush.

Illustrations by Glen Preece


Best Bridal henna designs for your upcoming wedding. These mindblowing bridal mehndi designs are sure to provide some wedding inspiration for you.

Bec Winnel drawing

Bec Winnel is a portrait and beauty illustrator based in Australia. Bec enjoys creating imaginary women portraits which are soft, delicate and romantic.

Oil Paint More

25 Oil Painting Tips that You Can’t Live Without

asa ceva mi-ar trebui si mie :)

How to clean and organize your craft room. Ideas for saving space and time. Run small strips of wood down the wall, lean paint bottles against wall. I need to do this, for my nail stuff and my crafts!

Poza 12 - 22 de peisaje minunate, de Chip Phillips

If you love nature, I hope you really enjoy this nature photos. Because this article have 35 Beautiful Nature Photography and also some amazing

Poza 8 - 22 de peisaje minunate, de Chip Phillips

Posted by Green Renaissance Cracks in Ice, Abraham Lake , Alberta, Canada Photo by Chip Phillips


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