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an image of a cartoon character with a crown on her head and another character in the background
Peach and Daisy by LC-Holy on DeviantArt
Here comes Daisy!
four different types of cartoon characters in various colors and sizes, each with an image of a
Zieghost - Student, Digital Artist | DeviantArt
Big Bad Bosses - King Boo, Petey Piranha, King Bob-omb, Goomboss and King Lakitu.
an image of mario kart in the forest with his mushroom head on top of him
"More trouble for Mario!".
an image of a cartoon character with big eyes and hands on his knees, holding something in one hand
Walking Goomba by SIMGart on DeviantArt
Walking Goomba.
an image of mario and luigi in the game
[SFM] Stupid Mario World
So Random!
a poster with an image of many eyes and the words together we can do it
"No you can't, Mario is gonna make a great combo with all of you".
a cartoon girl in an orange dress holding a teddy bear and looking at the ground
Princess Daisy by peegchica on DeviantArt
Princess Daisy in he garden. She is with Toadette, Piranha Plant and a few Para-Goombas.
a drawing of mario in red overalls and a bee
Mario maker doodle thing by rongs1234 on DeviantArt
Mario and a Paragoomba.
two cartoon characters are talking to each other
Lakitu by ZeroMayhem on DeviantArt
Mario stole Lakitu's Cloud.
an animated comic strip with a cartoon character
Popular Memes Right Now - 9GAG
The Goombas are always right.
three marshmallows with googly eyes on them in front of a blue background
Super Mario Goomba Popsicles - Nerdy Nummies.
an orange cat with big eyes sitting down
Cat Goomba by KiiroiKat on DeviantArt
Cat Goomba.
a comic strip with an image of a dog in the hospital
Goomba's health care by BrokenTeapot on DeviantArt
Goomba's health care... Who i'm kidding, that Goomba is screwed.