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a man wearing a silver and black armor with a cross on it's chest
geektothemax: “ Dragon Crusader Breastplate Preview by Azmal ”
black and white photograph of a man in armor with a helmet on his head, looking off into the distance
Some Unattributed Medieval Armor
Gate Keeper, Aldo Vicente on ArtStation at Fantasy Equipment, Golden Kingdom, Gate Keeper, Heavy Armor, Battle Armor, 다크 판타지, Pahlawan Super
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Gate Keeper, Aldo Vicente on ArtStation at
a black leather corset with metal rivets
Larp Inn
It's actually useful leather armor for women!
a man dressed up as a demon with horns on his head, kneeling down in the street
Japan(日本),Samurai(侍) & Life( 生活 )
Jeffrey Mallari Samurai Warrior 2013 Arizona Renaissance Festival by gbrummett, via Flickr #samurai #giappone #fotografia