Meet me at the Palace

Dresden is filled with so many incredible places and the Zwinger is easily one of the reasons why you will fall in love with this town forever.

Follow Me to Dresden

Today I wanna share you my newest crush, an amazing city called Dresden, that made me believe in love at first sight once again.

Enjoying Budapest One Step at a Time - I am Georgiana

Waiting for Spring!

Waiting for Spring!

Christmas is just Around the Corner

Christmas is just a few days away and I'm super happy right now, because my mom and some of my closest friends will come to visit me for the holidays

Grab Your Coffee and Go!

I've missed this crowded town a little, that's why I've started my day very early, with a big coffee, walking among the lovely streets of the old town

Autumn means layering!

This is how the perfect autumn morning looks for me;

Sunny days in October

The weather outside has been surprisingly warm for October, at least in my country it felt like the end of the summer, that's why I took advantage of it

A lovely little town called Cisnadie

Cisnadie is a place just like this, a lovely little town just outside Sibiu, that's so peaceful and beautifully decorated with all kinds of flowers.

How to wear pink and grey?

Today I wanna share with you a super chic combo, pink and grey, which is definitinely one of my favorite matches and I'm pretty sure you love it too.

After a few hours driving on a scenic road, we finally arrived in Dubrovnik, a charming old town that's recognized as the Pearl of the Adriatic

6 Menswear Items You Could Borrow from the Boys - I am Georgiana

My Latest Obsession: this Red Trench

My Latest Obsession: this Red Trench

You Can’t Go Wrong with Velvet

If you're planning to attend a special event in these next couple of weeks, you can't go wrong with velvet, especially if you find a piece in this burgundy shade