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Web Design and Creative Graphic Design Brisbane
http://twofold.com/work/sam-thies/ Sam Thies | Twofold Graphic & Web Design
a woman is standing in front of an image of cactuses and other things on display
Sinaed Leonard: Digital Collage - The English Group
Sinaed Leonard, Digital Collage, illustration, fashion
a woman's face with colorful makeup and fruit on her head, in front of a checkered background
visualisation | digital fashion illustration | negative | contrast
a woman's face with a peacock on her head and feathers in the background
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Peacocking Ink & Digital Fashion Illustration by CTIllustration
a drawing of a woman in a red dress surrounded by birds
vmbui - Digital Artist | DeviantArt
mcqueen tribute by `vmbui on deviantART
a watercolor painting of a woman holding her hand up to her face and looking at the camera
Stunning prints by Norwegian illustrator Esra Røise Her work is inspired by small, seemingly insignificant details of everyday life, the fashion industry, music, people around her, awkward moments, and snapshot photography with its odd angles and impulsive nature.
Thou Supersensual Libertine: Prada F/W 2012 by Tara Dougans, via Behance
an image of a sewing pattern for a women's dress
HOME | myportfolio
flat drawing of an outfit comment below and repin this #fashion #illustration #designer #drawing #mulberry http://charlotte-johnson66.wix.com/myportfolio
an image of men's and women's clothing in different colors, sizes and styles
Fashion Futures Design Project. Slow Fashion, Trans-seasonal capsule collection I designed (Technical Flat Board) © 2013 by Stephanie Smith
an assortment of different types of clothing and accessories
Home - ARTS THREAD - ArtsThread
ARTS THREAD - Roz Lamkin - Final Major Project
an image of different types of pants
Year 2, semester 1, Yohji Yamamoto project. Final flat drawing board 1
an open page in a children's book showing various pajamas and t - shirts
Ladies Nightwear Licensee Collection.
an open notebook with pink clothes and accessories
Total Concept for Baby Girls Winter Collection.